Every day EAPOD (European Astronomy Picture of the Day) features a variously selected picture of the universe made by amateurs, professionals and institutions from continental Europe.

EAPOD’s Mission
Our mission is to popularise and increase the exposure of astronomy and science in general by showcasing astronomy-related pictures made by European astrophotographers and scientific institutions.

EAPOD Selection
Selection of EAPODs is carefully carried out by a select group of established European astrophotographers and astronomers.

Selection Criteria
The widely varied pictures we feature are about astronomy in the widest sense. We feature pictures from beginning amateur astrophotographers to governmental institutions and everyone and everything in between.

The picture’s ability to captivate the general public is what we deem most important.

EAPOD was established in 2016 by Daniel Verloop with the help of Tom ODonoghue, André van der Hoeven, Bernhard Hubl, Christoph Kaltseis, Fabian Neyer, Oliver Penrice, Sakib Rasool, Marco Verstraaten and Sara Wager.

The project received a lot of praise from people all over the world.
EAPODs website https://eapod.org had over 2500 unique visitors per day within 6 months and EAPODs Facebook page grew to about 15k followers.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the project had to be put on hold but in 2021 it was revived and picked up where it left.

EAPOD | European Astronomy Picture of the Day

Submit Your Picture
If you would like your picture to be considered for EAPOD you can easily submit your picture here.

Before submitting, please consider the following:

  • Submissions must have been made by persons that originate from continental Europe.
  • You must have the full rights to the picture you submit.
  • By submitting you agree to publication of your picture on EAPODs websites and social media.