Celebration first month after reignition

May 2nd 2021

Dear Friends,

Together we are approaching the first month of European Astronomy Picture of the Day’s rebirth and we would like to share some milestones with you. In this first month:The reach of EAPODs Facebook page went from 16 people to almost 200K people per month and continues to climb rapidly.

The number of people engaging with EAPODs Facebook posts went from 3 people to almost 11K people per month and continues to climb rapidly.

Facebook approached us for verification and increased security measures because apparently we crossed their threshold of “influencers” and “high potential reach”.

In total EAPOD posts were shared more than 8000 times on Facebook en almost 2000 times on other social media.

The number of visitors of EAPODs website https://eapod.org grew to 500 unique visitors (**) per day and continues to climb steadily.

All this is possible thanks to your contribution, dedication, interest, kindness, patience, sense of humor and friendliness. It makes us very proud to be part of this wonderful community and if we could we would thank you all in person.

As a token of our gratitude we digitally offer you an amazing startrail picture made by EAPOD-admin Daniel Verloop in full resolution (for personal use only).

Make it your new desktop-background, have it printed on canvas, turn it into wall-art, just enjoy it in whatever way you like! You can freely and in any way spread this picture (non-commercially, non-altered & for personal use only). When you make others happy with this picture, feel free to also invite them to join us here!

Thanks again, you are awesome!

Keep submitting those great pictures. If yours isn’t chosen, just try it with another one!


** Top-10:
Country/Unique visitors
Netherlands 5585 (Oranje Boven 😁)
United States 1906
Germany 421
Ireland 333
France 228
Spain 179
Russia 156
UK 148
Canada 135
Belgium 108