Opening: EAPOD Team member

Selection of the pictures EAPOD features is carefully handled by a team of established astrophotographers and astronomers from continental Europe.

At the moment we are working on an online system to optimize this process and it is expected the EAPOD team will be fully operational per June 1st 2021.

The team already consists of 5 members and we are looking to expand that number to 8-10 members.

As an EAPOD team member you will be responsible for selection of the EAPODs together with the other team members. The EAPOD team is lead by the team leader who is ultimately responsible. The time involved in being a team member is roughly 2 hours per week.

Being a team member is on voluntary basis and is not about self-promotion. We will put our team members in the spotlights though every now and then and you will be mentioned as an EAPOD team member on EAPODs website.

If you think you are suitable to become an EAPOD team member please send your application to before May 1st 2021.