Omega Centauri | German Penelas Perez

Omega Centauri | German Penelas Perez
Omega Centauri | German Penelas Perez

Omega Centauri (ω Cen, NGC 5139, or Caldwell 80) is a globular cluster in the constellation of Centaurus that was first identified as a non-stellar object by Edmond Halley in 1677. Located at a distance of 17,090 light-years (5,240 pc), it is the largest known globular cluster in the Milky Way at a diameter of roughly 150 light-years. It is estimated to contain approximately 10 million stars, and a total mass equivalent to 4 million solar masses, making it the most massive known globular cluster in the Milky Way.

Omega Centauri is very different from most other galactic globular clusters to the extent that it is thought to have an origin as the core remnant of a disrupted dwarf galaxy.

20" AG Optical iDK, focal length of 3420mm
ASA DDM85XL mount
FLI Proline 16803 CCD
Filters: LRGB
FOV: 37' x 37', angle +87°
L 15 X 120s
R 21 x 120s
G 21 x 120s
B 21 x 120s

The image is part of a project of the Cruz del Norte Astronomical Association where we get together to take photos of objects from the astronomical south or that in the northern hemisphere are difficult due to our situation at 40º N and then each one processes raw materials as best they know obtained. this is my processed and is done with Pixinsight and PS.